Not being heard

I often feel like no one hears when I say something about my rights because they chalk it up to just being about politics.  They put a deaf ear to my clarion call for help.  Maybe I am approaching it wrong.  Maybe I am making others feel bad.  Should I care when it directly affects my life?  Should I worry about others sensibilities when I complain about something that directly affects my life and liberties?  I know what my heart says.

I warned that this administration and extreme conservatism will do horrible things to trans individuals as well as LGBTQIA+ identifying individuals.  The latest one is the attempt to erase people who do not identify in societies “gender binary” and quoting it as science fact, when it is very obviously not.  Most in the science community agree that gender is a spectrum.  Defining this in official government documents and trying to change it in Title IX is only going to be used to discriminate against people who do not identify themselves in the gender binary.  Although I can already hear people saying “this will never directly affect you”  and in some ways it may not.  But remember what happens to kids when teachers and administration ignore those being bullied.  If they allow it to happen, then it must be ok.  Our society thinks this way.  If our identities are not important to the government, no one else will think that they are important either.

Prejudice worsens when those in power take away our voice, our identity, our rights.  There is only so much we as individuals can do.  VOTING is one of the few tools we have.  I feel hurt when I hear someone voting for certain people because of “email scams”.  It makes me feel as if my right to live without prejudice is less important than something that doesn’t even affect them.  I feel angry when someone decides they want to “make america great again” instead of taking account of the horrible things that have happened and keep happening to people like me (losing jobs, losing homes, being discriminated against just for being who we are).  I feel frightened when people continue the rhetoric of building a wall to keep out immigrants instead of reading about the past fights our community has had to face since stonewall.

Please hear me, please hear others stories like mine.  Help us fight.  We need you.

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