Too much time to think.

The week seems to be going by slowly. Kind of slow at work, so lots of time to think about things I really need to do. I need to study for IT certifications, I need to get back on my diet, I need to clean this, or do that, etc. Modivation has been a challenge lately. It can be argued that I should just “get up and do it”. It’s simply not that easy at times.

I have been trying to get to know people better on facebook, twitter, and twitch (some old friends and family members as well). Also trying to make an effort to talk to my current friends more because I tend to forget about how they are doing when I have so much on my mind. I am sure they are busy as well. Really enjoying playing D&D again with a different group. Much different of a setting and better for my anxiety. It also gives my wife a chance to have some alone time to work on things she wants to.

I have not had my own alone time. I think I really need it so I can do the things I need or want to do. Otherwise I default to just wanting to cuddle or watch tv with her, which I really enjoy a lot. I think though we both forget to take care of the things for ourselves. Together is great, but alone time is sometimes nessesary. Some thing I read the other day reminded me to not forget about my other interests during transition. I will admit I have ignored some of them. I can’t afford to do that to myself.

I often wonder how often I will even post here, or if it will still be a thing I look at a year from now. I tend to start things, but not finish them if I feel the effort is not rewarding. Its silly to want that instant gratification I feel. I could get that from video games when I get through a hard part, but expecting it from real life is a bit of a stretch.

Speaking of games, really been enjoying Oracle of Seasons. I had played this a long time ago, but recently got back into it. You don’t realize how much of your memory you gain back when you start playing these things again. I realized I still had the first 3 dungeons memorized. Fastest I’ve ever gone through those. Really satisfying to play. I often gravitate towards retro games from when I was a kid. Graphics? Meh. I don’t know why, but pixel art really stands out to me and looks more beautiful than something with “better” graphics.

Well, I guess I better get on with this day. ❤ XOXO and all that 🙂

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